Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fair Isle

Since posting that year-old book review, I thought it might be a good idea to show off what I've been doing more recently. This includes a lot of knitting. I can keep an eye on whatever computer I'm waiting for. And knitting is portable, so I can do it on the subway if there's a enough room. (A little less room and I read, and I read over lunch since I can't knit and eat at the same time. Between lunch and rush hour, I get enough reading done to write a review now and then.)

At any rate, on to my current non-gift project, a fair isle cardigan. The pattern is from Kim Hargraves' A Season's Tale (links below). She calls it "Nevis." Though it comes in a plain version, I'm doing (as I said) the fair isle kind. I've also swapped three merino yarns for the three tweedy ones used in the original pattern. The blue is a lovely worsted yarn put out by Malabrigo. The gray is a yarn called "Extra" put out by Filtes King (this yarn has, unfortunately, apparently been discontinued). These two are used double. The third yarn, the maroon, is a thicker version of the Extra, called "Super."

Here's the hem of the left sleeve:
The Fairisle Hem

I've got that sleeve finished. And the back and both fronts (left and right). I'm mostly done with the other sleeve, too -- I'm up to the color work at the yoke, which looks like this (only with better lighting):

So that's what else I've been doing with my time.

* A Season's Tale on Ravelry.
* A Season's Tale on LibraryThing.
* Yarns on Ravelry: Malabrigo Worsted, Filtes King Extra, Filtes King Super.
* My project on Ravelry.

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