Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Few Words about Seattle

Today's post comes to you from the 10th-floor reading room at the Seattle Public Library's central branch. The building is a funny-looking lumpy-looking thing that makes for interesting architecture, but doesn't get as much use as one might hope (especially if there's a librarian in the family). Here's a photo of a tiny little corner of it:

Seattle Public Library

That photo is the best I've got up on Flickr yet, but I'll be putting more up when I next get a chance. The complete photoset can be found here.

I've only had a few days here, but I spent them exploring. Downtown was a bit quieter than I thought it might be, but then it's mostly offices and I'm used to Herald Square. I also looked around Pioneer Square and stopped by Elliott Bay Books -- which is definitely worth a visit if you have any interest in books. And I managed to get to Pike Place Market to see the fish toss there (the fish toss may be easily identified by the crowd of tourists, but is worth waiting to see). I haven't forgotten the yarn, either, and stopped by one highly recommended store this morning and have another on the agenda for tomorrow.

The weather so far has not been what I expected. We arrived late Saturday (I kept thinking it was the wee hours of Sunday); since then, today has been the closest we've seen to stereotypical Seattle skies. Sunday and Monday we had beautiful weather, and the clouds are breaking up -- making it rather difficult to see what I'm typing, with all the sunshine pouring through all that glass. It stays light much later than I'd have thought, I figure because Seattle is (I think) farther north. The sun doesn't set until 9-ish. That's 9pm, Pacific Daylight Time.

That's about all I can fit in at the moment, but I'll post more eventually. Even if it isn't until I get back.

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Anonymous said...

You think thats funny looking you should see the town hall in Dallas designed by IM Pei. It looks more like an airport terminal. Glad you're having a good time!