Friday, June 13, 2008

Taking it On the Road

I'll be leaving town tomorrow. Not for good, mind you -- just for a week or so. Mom has a conference in Seattle, and she's letting me tag along. (Apparently, I would be cheap. Mom said something having enough points to cover my airfare, and the hotel room would only cost, what, $10 more a night?) We'll even have a few days left over to dash up to Vancouver.

However, tomorrow is also World Wide Knit in Public Day; the fact that we're leaving tomorrow is that I'm going to have to improvize knitting in public. I won't be able to participate in the festivities here in New York (as I will be packing and heading to the airport), and we won't land until the events in Seattle are over (and we'll both be wiped). That said, I did think to go to the TSA website and print out some of their information. Knitting implements are indeed allowed on planes -- I highlited the line that says so -- which means I should have no trouble whatsoever participating in my one-knitter celebration: World Wide Knit in Airport Day.

I also thought to post a message on Ravelry asking for yarn-store recommendations in the Seattle group. I got a few of these before the thread spiralled into a discussion of elevators. In all honesty, however, that was probably my own damn fault: when someone said something about downtown Seattle being flat and someone else disagreed, I piped up that flat and nearly flat are all the same to me because I live in a walk-up. Well, threadjackings happen, and are usually no less unplanned.

In my rush to get stuff printed, I also made sure I ran off a pattern or two, including the one for Salad Wristers (available from Presents Knits). I'm still working on the Baby Surprise jacket I'm knitting (mostly) with my knitting circle, of course, but I'm not exactly betting the yarn stash that Mom and/or her employer sprang for seats with elbow room.

That's about all I'll spit out at the moment, but watch this blog: I'll be bringing a computer with me, and finding wi-fi in Seattle should be, I'm told, no problem.

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