Monday, December 3, 2007

News off the Blogs

If you're wondering why so much of my News off the Blogs posts contain so much from The Gowanus Lounge, there's a simple reason for it: TGL posts so dang much. I've weeded things down a bit since my last News off the Blogs, and still have nine posts from today and yesterday. That said, here's some more stuff.

Yesterday's "Brooklinks" post includes the following:
* A historic Bensonhurst cemetary needs a little caring for (especially compared with other equally historic cemetaries like Green-Wood), according to a New York Times article.
* The Great Umbrella Experiment continues to gain notice in another New York Times article.

Today's "Brooklinks" post includes:
* A really old (as in 1873) map of Flatbush, posted on the Flatbush Gardiner's blog.
* The DEP did the large-scale equivalent of spraying Lysol to cover up a nasty odor, reported by the New York Daily News.
* Several links to snow stuff, which for space reasons I won't repost here.

More snow pictures can be found on the post "Ah, Brooklyn's First Snow".

Anyone looking to adopt a dog ought to take a look at this post.

There are three photos of the sky over Williamsburg, which are worth taking a look at. They are posted individually:
* Part 1.
* Part 2.
* Part 3.

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