Thursday, December 6, 2007

Scarves, one red and one gray

As I said on Tuesday, I got that lace scarf finished. It's 57 inches long in finished length. Here's the promised photo of the completed scarf (I'll post one of it being worn by its intended recipient when I get ahold of such a shot):


I'm working on another scarf, but not the lace stashbuster I mentioned a while back. I found a lovely merino/cotton/nylon blend when I went to show off the last scarf at the yarn store. The gauge swatch looked like this:
Lang Yarns Zoom swatch

The pattern I'm using is called "Irish Hiking Scarf" and is available from Hello Yarn. It's a fairly popular pattern on Ravelry: with just under a thousand made by Ravelry members, it's currently in the top ten (if only barely). For those of you who aren't on Ravelry, the pattern is available for free here.

Here's the obligatory photo. It's a detail of two of the cables (though this shot seems to have come out light).

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